Dani’s studio



Every Tuesday morning, the class meets 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  We study all techniques and subjects in watercolor.  To join the class, take a workshop or for more information, email Dani through this website, at dani@danitupper.com



Workshops in the studio are 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Fee is $55.00 includes lunch and some supplies.   To see examples of paintings in the different techniques, visit Dani’s gallery, click on the different ones.

April 19 Watercolor Batik (Wax resist) Save your whites and lights with wax, then paint with watercolor.  Check out the images under Watercolor Batiks for samples. Masa paper, wax and tools furnished, just bring your watercolor supplies.

May 10:  Alcohol Ink with Watercolor  Have fun combining these 2 transparent media. Work on Yupo, tile or black surfaces.  We may start with watercolor or vice versa, it’s all fun.  Bring supplies for both.  Dani can provide AI if this is all new to you.  Check out images under Alcohol Ink.

August 11  Pouring Watercolor  Get beautiful blended hues by pouring the paint.  Save your whites or light tones with fricket.  Check out paintings under Poured Paintings.

September 13 – 16 DANI’S FALL FLING, 4 day workshop, paint till you drop and then paint some more!  Dani is famous for her great lunches (included).  We paint a lot of different subjects, techniques etc.  First day or two, Dani has demos planned but after that the class dictates what they want to paint or have demonstrated.  Only room for 10 in class so reserve your spot early.  Cost with room & board $325.00  Class & lunch only $175.00

Workshops elsewhere

May 18 – 19  Watercolor & Alcohol Ink in Pueblo, CO  Rawlings Library.  Day 1 we will explore all the fun techniques of Alcohol Ink and how they are similar to watercolor.  We will work on Yupo and tile.  Day 2 we will continue combining the two media, working on Yupo and a black paper.  Subjects during the workshop will be a landscape, flowers and an animal.  Fee $110.00 or $60.00 for one day.

July, 2018  3 day Mountain Retreat – It’s hot, let’s head for the cool mountains of Colorado.  Place and dates to be announced.  Cost will depend on cost of lodging.

March, 2019  Sandhill Cranes along the Platte River in Nebraska.  Every year, thousands stop over and recoup for their journey on north.  We will spend time at the Nature Reserve, then have a 2 day workshop in Franklin, NE.  Workshop cost $110.00 plus cost of the entry.