Dani’s art world started when she was a wee tot growing up in Nebraska.  Her first memories are coloring and construction paper cutting and pasting in elementary school.  She then graduated to drawing beautiful women with long flowing tresses and just as long legs in high heels.  She may have wound up in fashion design but her models all came from Sears Roebuck catalogs!

Dani took some art in college but really started painting in Australia.  Her husband was a company rep for the F111 planes which was purchased by the Australia Royal Air Force so for the 2 years they spent in Brisbane; she studies painting with a well known artist, David Fowler.

After returning to USA, Dani continued painting in oils and eventually started teaching.  She really fell in love with watercolor and now that is her chosen medium.  Moving for Keith’s job took her to 10 different states and 3 years in Spain.

Dani opened an art gallery, frame shop and held classes for a 4 year period in Ogden, Utah, kept teaching everywhere she lived.  She has always supported art groups wherever she lived and started Southern Colorado Watercolor in Pueblo, CO, since moving to the western slope, she has served as President, V. President and now 2nd V. President of Western Colorado Watercolor Society.  She is a Master Signature (10 acceptances) in Rockies West National, a lifetime member of Transparent Watercolor Society of America and supports many other art groups.

Dani’s motto is: “I strive to recreate the beauty given to us by the Master Creator” As a Christian artist, I find beauty everywhere and will never have time or energy to paint all I’d like to or achieve the beautiful world we see everyday. One of my greatest joys is teaching and sharing my knowledge and love of art. I started painting in oil and have worked in most other mediums; but somewhere along the road, I feel in love with watercolor. Every new painting is an adventure!

Dani shows her work at the TADA Gallery in Delta, CO and also by appointment in her own studio. She has won many awards and was awarded Best Colorado Artist in the Rockies West National 2018 exhibition. She is known for her variety of styles and subjects. She loves teaching and guiding other artists to improve. She is available for workshops, demonstrations, critiques and judging.