June 11, 2016  Hey, I’m doing better!  I just did a demo for the Western Colorado Watercolor Society in Glenwood Springs.  This may be the last meeting we will have in Glenwood as most of our members are 100 miles or more from there so we don’t get many coming except from Glenwood.  I showed paintings on Yupo, w/c canvas and gessoed papers.  All of these surfaces have one thing in common, they are non-absorbent.  I then showed different ways to get texture on the Yupo using rolls, stamping, spraying, dry pigments etc.

I had a painting purchased by St. Mary’s Hospital recently.  While I don’t really market my work much anymore, I do enter a few shows, sell by word of mouth and donate paintings for worthy causes.  My class and I had fun this spring painting subjects that had men’s ties incorporated in the paintings.  These were for a fund rasier for Abraham Connection, a local home for the homeless.

End of April until May 7, six (6) gals traveled to Destin, Florida to paint, relax, soak up some sun etc.  A daughter of one of the gals furnished us with a gorgeous condo on the golf course so we felt in the lap of luxury.  We did drive through Mississippi, Alabama to get to New Orleans where we spent a day and night.  I was only home long enough to mow the lawn etc. before leaving for my annual workshop in Franklin, Nebraska.  We painted florals and landscapes wet into wet.

My Tuesday class will go out to a lovely garden to paint this next week and we are going to Ouray for a two overnighter later this month.  Plan to go up to Yankee Boy Basin – hoping the wildflowers will have pop out by then.  July brings company and Julie and Terry home to see two new grandbabies.  That makes me 4 great granddaughters and 1 ggson.  Man, getting old but it’s fun and I am blessed to get to see them grow and thrive.  Until next time, stay in touch through Painting Talk Facebook page.

January 30, 2016  My, how neglected has been my website.  Since writing last Feb.  the year has unfolded to be both challenging and fun.  Besides my usual classes and workshop; I taught a workshop in Nebraska in May, took a group to Victor in June.  Victor is an old mining town with a lot of old riggings and building to paint.  Five of us stayed in Cripple Creek and three in Victor.  We painted mostly plein air but also the Victor art group was kind to furnish us a classroom which was much appreciated when it was a little damp.  It was donkey days in CC so lots of people and street vendors, we also rode the old train one evening.

My three day workshop in September was full with 5 gals staying with me.  We worked on Yupo and other surfaces.  Lots of great paintings, good food and lots of art talk, art videos and fun and games.  Next Sept. the dates are set for Sept. 15, 16 and 17.  Sign up if you are interested.

I stayed busy with family with Julie and Terry here, they left in August for Panama.  I am still Vice President of Western Colorado Watercolor Society and have just worked with a new webmaster to get our Website transferred and revised.  Lots of emails back and forth.  I also served as treasurer for Delta Fine Arts this past year and now am VP of the group this year.  Stay busy with yardwork, still mow my own grass and weed flowerbeds, trim roses, try to grow tomatoes (bad year), and all that keeping a house entails.  Active in my church and with an evening study group.  I won’t promise to do any better this year but please check out my two Facebook pages:  DANI’S WORLD, I post my paintings for sale and PAINTING TALK, where I post most recent paintings and demos, give tips and other artists can also post their work, ask for critique or just show and tell.

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Well, yes, life is filled with good intentions!  You can blame Facebook for my neglect of my website – it’s so easy to post a picture or announce a workshop or show there.  So if you are reading this – it is already February, 2015.  I invite you to check out PAINTING TALK on Facebook and see if you would like to be a part of it.  I post many of my new paintings as I do them and invite others to do the same.  We share techniques, ideas and other fun “painting talk”.

After posting last March, I took a group to France in May.  Eight days in Paris – we had an apartment at the base of Montmartre – just two blocks up to the Sacre Coure and Painter’s square – right in front of the metro stop; we couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay.  It was rainy some so we didn’t paint as much as planned but we saw the sights, visited the art museums and took loads of photos.  Of course, the Impressionists were great but I enjoyed the Dali museum in Montmartre.  I had visited one in his hometown in Spain and knew his surrealistic paintings but this had sculptures and told much about all he did – so came away with a much better appreciation of him and his art.

Then we took the fast train to Marseille.  It was nicer weather and we did paint at the old port – though much updated and not as picturesque as when I visited in the 80’s.  We took a boat out to the island where The Count of Monte Cristo was filmed and one day, we rented a car and drove up to Arles (where Van Gogh painted), to a small mtn. village called La Baux.  There in an old rock quarry, we were thrilled to see a luminaries – beautiful paintings projected on the walls, pillars and floor of the quarry.  The mood was set by the music and we lingered until our fingertips were very cold.  This was the highlight of the trip.  We went on to the old walled city of Avignon where the popes lived when they felt Italy was unsafe back in the day.

I traveled to Missouri to visit my second great granddaughter in June.  Enjoying Julie and Terry being in the States as they itinerate this year.  The Fall Fling was fun with gals coming from Pueblo and Nebraska too.  We painted, ate and chatted non stop.  It is always so much fun to share and have three uninterrupted days to paint.  I don’t know where the time goes but it goes.

January, 2015:  My birthday was a milestone (don’t tell anyone – 80 yrs. young.) and it seemed to go on forever – My Tuesday gals took me to luncheon, my study group had balloons and yummy desserts and  beautiful yellow roses.  My family had a dinner and Jan and Julie surprised me with a new I-Pad – I’m enjoying and learning what all it does.  The camera on it is great!  Then I got another bouquet just this last week – so I am well blessed with friends and family who love me.

I have a painting accepted in Rockies West National 2015 which goes up in March.  I’ll post it here – “Agony of Defeat.”  I’ve recently given a snow scene demo for Delta Fine Arts and next week will do an experimental one for the Palette Club in Grand Junction.  So I stay busy and this time, I’m not promising when I’ll be on here again!



Life is filled with good intentions!  Not only is the rest of 2013 gone but it’s already March, 2014!  Last week we hung the Rockies West National Show and I sat in on Ratindra Das’s three day workshop.  I was still co-chair of the show so a busy time leading up to it also.  Thankfully after 4 years, I will not be doing it next year.  I did win third place in the show and will get the winner posted soon.  I am busy planning the upcoming workshops and the Paris trip. 

This is going to be brief as I’ve spent time updating some classes and the gallery but I will try to get back on with updates and not wait forever.  I created a Facebook page called “Painting Talk” so it’s easy to post new work and chat with other artists through it.

It’s nearly July, with half the year gone!  April saw nice showers but cold nights, May started out the same as my first tomato plants froze.  My annual trip to Nebraska was a lot of driving, 1500 miles all by my lonesome!  The Franklin art group was great and we had a fun two day workshop together.  I took paintings this time which are showing in Franklin and even felt like a celebrity with a wonderful article and photos about me in local paper.  I went on to visit my brothers.  I was real glad to spend a day visiting with my brother, Gene.  We had a great visit and sadly, he has now passed away.  I will miss him as he visited me about every year and we had a few sightseeing trips together.

Art news is classes as usual.  Most of my students rose to the challenge and painted a theme window painting.  It was the largest they had ever painted and they’ve had a great sense of accomplishment.  Most painted a full sheet (22″x30″) but some did half of an elephant sheet which is 20″x26″.  Varied themes were Colorado views, African safari animals, Alaskan trip, Memories, and one gal painted her Bucket List!  Since then, we have painted a variety of subjects.  The class and myself will have a month long show in August at the Creamery Art Gallery in Hotchkiss where we will feature the window paintings along with 1 or 2 other paintings by each artist.

I also had a workshop using webbing spray and watercolor.  I’ve posted some we did at the workshop on the Facebook page “Painting Talk”.  It has been members only but I am going to open it to anyone that wanted to check out the site.  Artists and students are encouraged to post new paintings (ask for critique if they want to), tell about painting experiences, experiments, travel etc.

Family, company, yard work etc. are keeping me busy so am looking forward to three day plein aire workshop in Ouray in August.  Meanwhile, I try to get in the studio to paint some and plan demos for the Tuesday class.  I have a fun one going now of Hobby Horses, working from a photo I took in a window in Mexico.  I have taken time to post my fall classes so check out what’s happening.  Meanwhile, I hope you all are staying cool and having summer fun.


“I was very embarrassed when my canvases began to fetch high
prices. I saw myself condemned to a future of nothing but masterpieces.” (Henri Matisse

Well I guess that’s why I don’t charge so much for my work!  This is Easter week – no, it’s not Spring week – EASTER is no longer politically correct – so sad.  My study group and I went and watched dress rehearsal of “The Lord’s Supper”  Four of us had painted the backdrop so it was great to see how it looked with a live “Davinci painting” enactment in front of it. The enactment was very good.  Each disciple questioned whether it was he that Jesus was saying would betray Him.  Something we need to ask ourselves, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”  Has it been I who betrayed Him?

I’ve been busy with the Rockies West National Show – you can see the images at www.westerncoloradowcsociety.org. Another artist and I painted a mural for an Italian restaurant and I’ve been teaching not only my weekly class but a drawing class and held a collage workshop.  Now spring yard clean up is upon us – the weeds are growing even if the grass isn’t green yet.  so this posting is short and sweet.  Happy painting to all.  Please check out any new work I’ve posted. 


FEBRUARY 2013  It’s nearly Valentine’s Day so remember your sweetheart!  2013 has started out very busy!  Six gals enjoyed the Panama trip in January – we did some very diverse things – from painting up on Ancon Hill, taking in a dinner show of dancers in their native dress – beautiful, shopping old town, walking through the Metropolitan Park and painting in the old ruins.  Spent two days at a resort near Colon on the Atlantic side, took a boat out to remote beach and snorkeled.  It was my first time and so much fun, colorful tropical fish and coral.  My only goof was being so afraid of getting water in my mouth, my jaw got tired from clamping down so hard on the mouthpiece.

We also visited old port town of Portobello and heard their history.  We went back west to Gamboa where we took a canopy tour – cages took us up the side of the mtn. treetop heighth.  At the top, we followed a trail to a tower 90 ft. up but a slow incline round and round so it wasn’t hard going.  This overlooked the Panama Canal channel and also the river.  As we left the resort, we saw a group of people who had a guide.  He had a telescope set up and we got to view a sloth in the wild.  I will post a picture which I took with only a 5x zoom but then enlarged it on my computer.

On to El Valle which is a pueblo in the base of an old volcano so is surrounded by mtns. (the rim of the crater)  We had a lovely place named The Golden Frog Inn.  We could have stayed there and just painted!  But the next two days we also took in the zoo, rainforest walk to a waterfall, petroglyphs ( a cute 14 yr old kid who looked 10, explained that all the drawings where a giant map of the area and it all made sense as he explained it.)  We also took in an orchid reserve, it wasn’t the right season so not so many in bloom but the highlight was the birds.  The curator put out some cooked rice and so many colorful birds came that we got good photos of.  We also went to a hot spring pool and had a mud facial and soak.

Regretfully our time in El Valle was over and we made our way back down to the Pacific side to a beautiful black sand beach – it was so lovely to play in the surf.  We were treated to a rare treat the next morning when we walked down to the beach, the tide was in and pelicans and terns by the hundreds were fishing!  Divebombing into the water and you knew if they got a fish by their gulp!  I just snapped lots of photos as the sun was so bright, I couldn’t see in the screen what I was getting.  Later I walked back down and the tide was out – I walked out on a sand barge and got within 5 or 6 feet of hundreds of terns standing on the beach.  I will post some of the best shots under potpourri as I find time.

Meanwhile, I’m back to having classes and working hard on getting the Rockies West National 2013 up and running.  Hanging date is Feb. 25th so have publicity, brochures etc to get finished.  If you happen to be close to Grand Junction, the Art Center is the spot and it will hang until April 5th.  If not, the images will soon be posted on our website to view this year’s show: www.westerncoloradowcsociety.org.

I’ve also started a Facebook Page called “Painting Talk” with 22 members already.  It’s a place to share your latest art, tell about your painting, travel, ask for help etc.  I think it’ll be a fun place to share.  Till next time, keep painting!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  2012 is at an end.  Where the last half of 2012 went, I will never know.  Only other traveling I did was to Pueblo for a 2 day workshop in August.  Then to Teluride for the big wedding.  Mara (granddaughter) and Grant were married atop the ski run so we all rode the gondola to the top.  Chilly but a beautiful setting for a beautiful bride and handsome groom.  Now I’m waiting for the first great grandbaby.  Joel and Esther will welcome baby Rachel soon.

Also busy on the national show entries and turning the reins of Presidency of watercolor society over to new President.  Maybe I’ll get a big hunk of my life back after a 4 year run and 3 years as co chair of the national show.  Most of the family will be here for the holidays and then it’s only a little while before the workshop in Panama and we can bask in the sun.  My friend, Sherry and I use the weights at the rec center and then walk around the lake 3 times a week.  It’s gotten a bit on the nippy side at 9 a.m. now.

I posted “Frosty Morn” under new paintings in the Gallery.  I discovered the frosty scene on a morning walk when I still lived in Pueblo.  Had to go back and get a picture to paint from.I’ve posted two other new paintings under the NEW catagory in the gallery.  Have a great time with family and friends during the holidays and God Bless! 

July 26, 2012:  What a busy summer!  June zipped by and all that grew was the grass that I mowed every week.  I got tired of pulling the gas weed eater FOREVER to get started – I was worn out before I edged one inch of the lawn. . . . So my new toy is electric and a delight to use – not so fun dragging the extension cord over 2/3 of an acre but I can stop and start – rest awhile and not be afraid of it not starting again.  Thankful for small blessings!

My Tuesday class is still chugging along although everyone is going every which way so one class may be me and one other and the next, I’ll have a goodly number – that’s summer for you.  One gal is off in Alaska, another camping near Crested Butte etc. etc.  We had fun when I cut up a cantaloupe into wedges, leaving a few seeds hanging on and we painted those.  The gals had a little difficulty drawing them so I told them they were just practicing because we were going to paint boats next!  If any of you artists out there are interested, I am thinking of posting photos of our subject along with my demo.  You can paint your own and send it by email for me to critique.  I haven’t worked out a payment system but think I would charge for a series of 4 or 6 lessons which could be paid by check to me or through paypal.  Let me know if you are interested.

I just heard from my Nebraska group and three or four of them are motoring out for my Fall Fling.  I’ve been going back there every May to teach a workshop – it will be fun for them to see my studio and my part of the world.   That’s coming up in September.  I better start planning demos and freezing a few meals!  I’ve been busy on the computer getting all the bookings done for the Panama trip.  There will be 6 gals, our flights reservations are made, hotels booked and lots of plans made – emails flying back and forth between my daughter and myself.   With Julie living in Panama, she will be our guide and interpretor.  I’m excited about some of the plans – one is a treetop trek in the rainforest.  Not a zipline but a little cage you ride in.  I think it will be better than the gondola up Telluride Mountain – I have to face into the mountain on that one.

Finally decided to co-chair the Rockies West National Show another year.  So the prospectus is done and sent out 500 yesterday.  The entries are due Dec. 1 – you can check it out on our website: www.westerncoloradowcsociety.org  I am no longer President and no one stepping up so our emphasis is the national show so we’ll only have one meeting in January to preview the entries.

Now let me tell you about the Avalanche Ranch workshop – It is near Redstone so we arrived there at 10 a.m. and painted along the river.  Had lunch and then drove to the ranch to meet one of the gals.  We checked in and had a roomy 3 bedroom house – large kitchen, dining table that seated all 8 of us.  We went out and painted the barn that afternoon.  I took chicken to barbecue along with a great salad, oven potatoes and Brownie raspberry dessert.  I treat my workshoppers good!  I had made crepes ahead of time so next morning, breakfast was strawberries and cream on crepes.  Did we come to eat or to paint???  Plus we had three temps of hot spring pools to choose from.

I’ll post a couple of the painting I did for demos.  I wanted them to try different techniques for them to see what works best for them painting on location.  You will see the different styles in my demos.  They will be under Plein Air in the Gallery section.  Well, I’ll sign off for now – my next venture is a two day workshop in Pueblo the end of August.  Look forward to see old friends.


May 29, 2012:  I can’t believe it is almost June!  I just returned from Nebraska and had a great time except for too much driving; I think I must look into flying next time.  I taught my yearly workshop in Franklin with 7 gals attending.  We had a great time working on color theory and composition.  The first morning was painting a monochrome – very important to get the values correct.  Then we painted using a warm and a cool hue.  The second day, we moved on to color mixing using only the three primary colors and having to mix all the secondary tones.  It’s always great to see these artists and they are planning to take Amtrac out in the fall to attend my Fall Fling workshop.  That will be fun, showing them my part of the world when the Aspens are golden.

A friend and I then drove to Lincoln to visit my brother and his daughter.  Gene has just moved into an asissted living apt. so it was nice to see he is in a very nice facility and it will be helpful for him to have help when needed and easy for Nancy and other family and friends to visit.  We stayed 2 days and then journeyed back to my hometown for Alumni.  It’s always great to see old friends and classmates.  We had a bit of excitement as it rainted cats and dogs and the wind was really strong.  After most of us had left, a door blew open and when the opposite door was opened, the wind pressure had built up so much that the fake ceiling fell in – not the roof though so the panels and insulation should be able to be fixed pretty easily.

Home again, jiggidy jig.  It’s good to be home but the grass is tall and everything needs watering.  One exciting note is I have asparagus up – it took 3 weeks for shoots to appear from the roots and I thought the starts were doa!  I am planning on staying put most of the summer – only 2 workshops away.  I stopped at Avalanche Ranch where we are going to paint plein air and checked out the ranch house I have reserved and the area for spots to paint.  I am really excited about this and know everyone will have a great time.  Then in August, I will journey to Pueblo to hold a workshop – I haven’t been over there for a few years so it will be great to see all my artist friends and my family that live there.  Until next time. . . . . . . .


May, 2012:  Just returned from Washington D.C. and Baltimore.  Three days of sightseeing in D.C. – highlights were Smithsonian Museums, (The Natural History and Am. History were both great.  We really enjoyed the butterflies – one landed on my head!)   On Board tour of all the monuments, the capitol and White House was really good.  We had a great guide that walked with and told us a lot of history about the different sites.  Lunch was on board a boat as we took an hour cruise up the Potomac.  Jan and I spent the third day at the National Art Galleries and Clay and Rachel went to the Holocaust Museum.  We also attended the I-Max about the Coral Reefs – makes you appreciate the beauty above and beneath in our world.  We stayed over in Rosslyn area of Arlington and it was super easy to walk to restaurants and to the metro.  The last afternoon, we took a shuttle over to Georgetown and had dinner there.

Sat. morn, we picked up our rental car (also within 3 or 4 minutes walk) and stopped at the Arlington Cemetary.  Clay wanted to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  We didn’t tarry long as we wanted to get to my nephew’s in Baltimore.  His daughter, Kelsey and family, only could stay a little while that day.  We arrived and met Dan’s wife, Kelsey’s husband and new baby, Owen.  Dan’s other daughter, Allison was also there with her fiance.  So we got to hold Owen, have lunch with them all before Kelsey’s had to leave.  That afternoon, Dan and Louise took us up to Lancaster, PA through Amish farm country.  We attended church on Sunday and some went to the Inner Harbor area and the Aquarium and rest of us went to a sculpture garden – really cool!

Monday morning, in spite of the rain, we drove to Gettysburg and took a great tour – the guide actually drives your car and takes you on a 2 1/2 hour tour, talking non-stop about the three day battle as you drive by the different sites and monuments.  Because of the rain, we only stopped once but he wanted us to go to the top of Little Round Top so we could get a perspective of the advantage of being on higher ground.  It was very interesting but sad too when you think of how many men died.  We ate lunch at the oldest house in Gettysburg and took a tour of it.  Then headed back to D.C. and caught our early flight the next Morning.  A great time was had by all.

Back to yardwork and only 5 days to get ready for a workshop in Nebraska.  Also meeting my regular class at the Garden Center this week for a plein air session among the beautiful flowers, trees, waterfall, large pots and more to paint.  Great place for lunch also! 

I did post “African Trek” so hope you’ll take a peek at it and other paintings in the gallery.


April, 2012:  How time flies, still working on the website but it will be launched soon with the old one coming down.  Spring has sprung with daffodils and tulips in bloom and grass to be cut and weeds sprouting!  I just got my sprinklers going so with a little water, it’ll be green in no time.  April in Colorado can be a little iffy though as we had big snowflakes Sunday morn – only lasted a few minutes but the Grand Mesa view from my house shows they got quite a bit at higher elevations.

I just returned from a 3 day painting outing to Gateway.  We stayed at the Lodge there and painted on the grounds.  It was fun but cold so think the outing to Avalanche Ranch in June will be much more pleasant.  Gateway is a beautiful area with the red rock formations – a lot like around Moab, Utah. 

My Tuesday class has been doing portrait work.  I demoed a black’s face this week as I am working on a painting of Aftrican women and children.  Will post it when it’s finished.  We have spent about 6 weeks on portrait and faces so next week it is on to florals.  It’s that time of year to paint the spring flowers. 

I’m leading a study group for 6 weeks called “Not a Fan” I think it will be good.  Asking us to examine ourselves to become a follower (Participant) of Christ instead of just a fan (Admirer).  Pastor Will is also basing his sermons on this series also.   P.S.  I have no idea what happened to the photo I thought I posted in Feb!  Have to ask my expert what I did wrong.


Feb., 2012:  I am always behind the camera so had few photos to choose from.  This is my granddaughter, Mara and myself taken summer before last.

As you all can see this new website is a work in progress.  I have been very busy so haven’t had time to get many paintings on it yet.  Joel, my grandson, designed it for me – he also did the old one but thought I needed to update and have a better site.  It is nice and I do appreciate his computer skills.  He is also responsible for the “My grandsons drive me crazy”  May be true, since both Daniel and Joel are living with me right now.  Joel is awaiting his Panamian bride and Daniel is waiting to get his insurance settlement from his accident.  Joel’s Esther is waiting for homeland security to do a background check so she can get a visa to come.  Daniel had been renting in Grand Junction and the house sold; so he had to put his stuff in storage and back he came.  HA!  They either keep me young or are driving me to an early grave!

I just returned from holding a workshop in Phoenix.  We explored the crinkled paper technique, working on Masa paper and also 140# watercolor paper.  All had good results and were excited about the effects they achieved.  Home a week and busy getting all the loose ends finished for Rockies West National 2012.  I leave for Mexico to enjoy my son, David and friends, Wanda and Rick so have to have all the show details taken care of as we hang the show on Feb. 27th.  Plan to relax, soak up some sun and do some fun painting for my week in Mexico.

Frank Francese is our juror this year so will be sitting in on his workshop for 3 days.  He’s one of a very few that I will take from more than once.  He is also offering a plein air workshop in April which several of us are going to go to.  It will be in and around Gateway and we will be staying at the Gateway resort.  I haven’t been there but photos show they have the red rock formations like Moab so it should be fun to paint.

I hope you will enjoy my new website.  I promise to get more images on soon and a page for my class and workshop schedule.   The site is set up so you can response if you’d like.  I’d like to hear from you!